Prof. Hassan Al Alkim


Strategic Pathways

Professor Al Alkim has led the university through the development and implementation of its 2014-2019 strategic plan. He supported the fulfilment of the university’s mission by establishing annual operational plans that are linked to the budgeting process for each unit in the university. As these annual plans have been implemented, the university’s strategic goals and objectives have been assessed to the extent that continuous improvement has been achieved from year to year. The strategic plan identified nine strategic goals collectively focused on several outcomes such as:

  1. building an academic culture that develops and positions innovative, challenging, and high quality programs in a learning environment catering to students’ lifelong learning and development;
  2. serving the community including business and government through knowledge advancement, research, and the appropriate regional and international linkages;
  3. embracing faculty and staff development to contribute to the university’s development and
  4. developing and maintaining a quality assurance and institutional effectiveness system that supports recognition, reputation and accreditation.

As President, Professor Al Alkim has undertaken to measure the extent to which the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set by the Board of Trustees are being realized. These KPIs, which encompass reputational (accreditation), financial, enrollment, and academic metrics, have been incorporated in the 2018-2019 annual operational plan for all units to ensure that they are assessing their performance to meet the desired metrics.

The transition from one strategic plan to another is of critical importance in the effective implementation of the university’s programs and services. Professor Al Alkim has resourced the AURAK Strategic Planning Committee to develop the 2019-2024 Strategic Plan. The Committee held its first meeting in September 2017 and will finalize the plan by March 2019. The new strategic plan will reinvigorate, re-engineer, and reposition AURAK for sustainable impact within the UAE.